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We are a London-based property reporting company, specialising in both residential and commercial property. Covering the London, Essex & Hertfordshire areas.

Protecting your assets

We know protecting your asset is at the forefront of your requirements. Whether you’re a property developer, property manager, letting agent or private landlord. If you’re a tenant, you’re going to want to ensure the return of your deposit, at the end of your tenancy. Because of this we ensure all of our work is carried out to the highest possible standard.

​All of our clerks and seniors have been trained to a high standard both with our software and everything revolving day-to-day running of operations. We operate monthly in-house meetings to ensure that everybody within the company is kept up to date with current affairs and on-going legislation relating not only to our industry but the letting industry as a whole.

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An inventory is the itemisation of goods and their condition.

Inventory & Check in

This is when the Inventory is compiled and the Check In is carried out in the same visit. The Check In is the agreeing/signing of the inventory report. Who needs one? – Every landlord should have an inventory for each property.


This report enables all parties involved to visually establish which items (mentioned in the initial inventory) need to be ‘made good’ at the point of check out or end of tenancy.

  • All items are checked and re-photographed and any dirty/damaged/missing items are listed.

  • Items damaged through fair use (fair wear and tear) are noted as such.

  • Where possible, utility meter readings and details of keys/fobs to be handed back are noted (as done at point of check in).

A judge will not look favourably upon an inventory prepared by a landlord, because they will see it as an amateur attempt to fulfil a duty. Judges are notoriously favourable to tenants and they will tend to find in their favour every step of the way unless there is absolute solid evidence pointing the other way.

Inventories & Their Purpose

Inventories are not mandatory, but are worth their weight in gold.


The inventory is a document produced as close to move in date as possible, it focuses on:

  1. Condition – Interior & exterior

  2. Detail – Fixtures & fittings

  3. Content – Appliances & furniture

  4. Safety – A superficial assessment of risk

  5. Evidence – Was there a kitchen or bathroom (yes, tenants have been known to leave with both)

  6. Words & Photography are the best combination

Additional information

  • The Check-in – Again not mandatory, but most damage happens at check-in. It gives you an opportunity to set the boundaries with the tenant.

  • The Property Inspection – Frequency depends on the type of landlord and agent we work with. This process looks at condition, maintenance & repairs and ensuring the tenant is not in breach.

  • Finally, the Check Out. Most landlords and letting agents focus on this element, but without a good inventory or no inventory the check out is worthless.  Clerks must be thorough, observant and understand exactly what the tenant will be liable for (eg; not Fair Wear & Tear and not Betterment).

Ten Years of Tenancy Protection

  • April 2007 saw the introduction of Tenancy Deposit Protection.

  • This meant that ALL deposits taken by a Landlord or Letting Agent had to be protected.

  • The legislation provided a structure to work within – set time frames within which to protect the deposit and a structure to abide by when dealing with Deposit Deductions and Deposit Disputes.

  • Tenancy Deposit Protection changed the face of deposit handling.

Our guarantee to you

  • You will have concrete evidence when dealing with disputes within ADR or Court.

  • You will protect your property & your investment.

  • You will protect the tenant and their deposit.

  • You will have an audit trail to refer to for insurance claims.

  • You will have a structure to work within.

  • You present a more professional business approach to your tenants.


Check in

An exhaustive account of every item within the property and its condition, from how many tea spoons you have to the colour of the bedroom walls.

Mid-term Inspection

Arranged once a tenancy is underway, this report notes any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings.


Using the check-in report, we document and photograph any discrepancies in the condition of items as well as the cleanliness of the property and its contents.

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