Frequently Asked Questions

Once the relevant details have been provided, we will offer you some optional time slots for you or your tenants to choose from, before sending you a booking confirmation receipt.

Absolutely. We build in contingency to be able to deal with last-minute requests and it’s very rare that we won’t be able to accommodate a request, even at short notice.

This is entirely up to the client but yes, we can collect and deliver keys. 

 This report enables all parties involved to visually establish which items (mentioned in the initial inventory) need to be ‘made good’ at the point of check out or end of tenancy. All items are checked and re-photographed and any dirty/damaged/missing items are then listed.

An exhaustive account of every item within the property and its condition, from how many teaspoons you have, to the colour of the bedroom walls. When the inventory report is compiled, the Check In is carried out in the same visit. The Check In is the agreeing & signing of the inventory report.

If a previous  inventory report of the property for a previous tenancy has been conducted, it is possible to update that and create a new condensed report, known as a check in. This will not hold as much security as an Inventory & Check In report so is rarely done considering the small price difference. Essentially it is an update of the original inventory and pictures of defects only, whereas an inventory and check in is the report in its entirety.

This is purely an inventory report without the assisted service of a Check In.

Yes we can. But we will need the report prior to our attendance of the check out. The check out report compares the condition of the property  at the start of tenancy, to what it is like at the time the tenants checkout (move out) of the property.

We commonly collect keys to conduct check outs in the absence of tenants. The clerk will then make their own impartial decision at time of check out.


However, under circumstances if a tenant fails to be present at the point of check in, we are still able to conduct the report as normal. Once the report has been finalised we can simply the deliver keys back to the recipient as instructed by our client.


As of 1st June 2019 tenants are not to be charged any administration fees including inventory services.

48 hours after the booking has taken place. We need this time to upload all photos and get the report typed up. It then goes through 2 rounds of quality control. You will receive the report via email with a link to view it. From here there is a ‘share’ button where you can share the report to any related parties. Everyone effectively views the same copy of the report which can be signed electronically by all parties, tenants have designated boxes to make any comments to check ins too so everything is kept in one document that all parties have access to. There is also a PDF button on the report where you can download a PDF of the report. Agents will have a log in to the system to view all reports for all properties too. PDF and paper copies available on request.

Ensure you have reviewed the check out report from Intent, we send reports to the party that we were  instructed by. It is uncommon that this will be the tenants. If there is information you feel the clerk has missed after viewing the report please contact us and raise your concern. We will ensure your concern is resolved.

We require payment from Private landlords prior to receipt of reports. We will work with agents, developers, housing associations, serviced accommodation providers and maintenance companies, we operate a strict 7 day payment policy.

  • A UK passport.
  • An EU/EEA passport or identity card, permanent residence card.
  • A travel document showing indefinite leave to remain.
  • A visa if applicable.

A Home Office immigration status document or a certificate of registration/naturalisation as a British citizen.

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